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No Fire Zone The Killing Fields Of Sri Lanka C Macrae 2013 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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No Fire Zone The Killing Fields Of Sri Lanka C Macrae 2013


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2013-11-07 21:33:17

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No Fire Zone - The Killing Fields Of Sri Lanka (C. Macrae, 2013)

From films website:

"Carefully evidenced and powerfully measured, `No Fire Zone is a
feature length film about the final awful months of the 26 year long
Sri Lankan civil war told by the people who lived through it. It is a
meticulous and chilling expose of some of the worst war crimes and
crimes against humanity of recent times - told through
the extraordinary personal stories of a small group of characters and
also through some of the most dramatic and disturbing video evidence
ever recorded.

This footage allows us to document the day to day horror of this war
in a way almost never done before: Footage recorded by both the
victims and perpetrators on mobile phones and small cameras -
viscerally powerful actuality from the battlefield, from inside the
crudely dug civilian bunkers and over-crowded makeshift hospitals.

Footage which is nothing less than direct evidence of war crimes,
summary execution, torture and sexual violence.

This was supposed to be a war conducted in secret. The Government
excluded the international press, forced the UN to leave the war zone
and ruthlessly silenced the Sri Lankan media - literally dozens of
media workers were killed, exiled or disappeared. While the world
looked away in the first few months of 2009 around 40,000 to 70,000
civilians were massacred - mostly by Sri Lankan government shelling,
though the Tamil Tigers also stand accused of war crimes.

The film starts in September 2008. An air of deep foreboding hung
over Kilinochchi- the de facto capital of the Tamil homelands of
Northern Sri Lanka. The armed forces of the ultra-nationalist
Sinhalese government of Sri Lanka were on the move, and the brutal
secessionist army of the Tamil Tigers was on the retreat. After a
twenty-six year revolt - the scene was set for the final awful

We have looked at and translated hours of raw footage which captures
the day-to-day life of the people who lived and in many cases died -
during the 138 days of hell which form the central narrative of our
film. This footage is an incredibly intimate account of human

But the film is also built around compelling personal stories. There
is Vany - a young British Tamil who was visiting relatives in Sri
Lanka who became trapped along with hundreds of thousands of other
men, women and children, desperately fleeing the government
onslaught. She had trained as a medical technician in the UK, now she
found herself helping in a makeshift hospital while doctors tried to
treat hundreds of desperately injured people, in some cases performing
major surgery without general anaesthetic.

Other people who tell their stories include two of the last UN workers
- Peter McKay and Benjamin Dix - forced to leave on the orders of the
UN which, they feel, was betraying its fundamental duty to protect.

Inevitably too, this film is the personal story of some who didnt
make it.

`No Fire Zone also brings the story up to date. The Sri Lankan
government still denies this all happened in what thy describe as an
"humanitarian rescue". The repression and ethnic restructuring of the
Tamil homelands in the north of Sri Lanka continues - journalists and
government critics are still disappearing. The government will
tolerate no opposition and have even turned on their own judiciary,
impeaching the Chief Justice of the country when she found they had
acted unconstitutionally.

Without truth there can be no justice in Sri Lanka. And without
justice there can be no peace. We hope our film can be part of that

We offer this film, not just as the definitive film of record, but
also in the hope it will jolt the international community and audience
to call for action."
not my rip. ripped by the AFG release group.

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