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Meatonomics How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much and How to Eat Better Live Longer and Spend Smarter 2013 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Meatonomics How the Rigged Economics of Meat and Dairy Make You Consume Too Much and How to Eat Better Live Longer and Spend Smarter 2013


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Written by David Robinson Simon
Edition: 2013
Format(s): EPUB
Language: English
Publication Date: Aug. 22 2013
The true cost of satisfying our craving for meat!
According to the conventional wisdom, factors like taste, dietary
beliefs and cultural traditions drive our decisions to buy animal
foods. But the reality is that price plays a huge role in our eating
choices as well. The alarming result of consumers watching their
pocket-books so carefully is that meat producers, who work hard to
keep prices artificially low, are heavily responsible for driving
demand. Meatonomics offers vital insight into how the economics of
animal food production influence consumer spending, eating, health,
and longevity. Attorney David Simon explores how these the murky
economics are affecting animals, small farmers, rural communities and
your health, as well as the health of the planet.
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Conari Press (Aug. 22 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1573246204
ISBN-13: 978-1573246200
"Provocative and persuasive...a well-researched, passionately written
book. Readers will be hard-pressed not to wonder if something sinister
is playing out in Americas farms and grocery stores." -Publishers
"Simon grabs your attention before page 1 when he states in his intro
that US taxpayers subsidize animal products to the tune of $38 billion
a year...Simons voice is riveting, that of an outsider looking
in--more than once, I was reminded of Diet for a New America & The
Food Revolution in Simons ability to convincingly convey inside
information...with an outsiders vision." -VegNews, October 2013
"This important book joins the ranks of T. Colin Campbells Whole and
The China Study in its power to expose the truth and begin to repair
the health care crisis." --Patti Breitman, co-author How to Eat Like a
Vegetarian, Even If You Never Want To Be One and How to Say No Without
Feeling Guilty
"Consumers can only make wise purchases of meat if the price they pay
reflects the full cost of producing it--when there are no hidden
costs like subsidies or environmental damage. Simon is the first
author to attempt a complete accounting of all these hidden costs,
something that should be applauded by the vegan and meat-lover alike."
--F. Bailey Norwood, Ph.D., author of Compassion by the Pound,
associate professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma
State University
"We like to think we live in a democracy, where public officials tend
the general welfare. But increasingly, corporate lobbyists write our
laws, and corporate interests dictate what we are allowed to know.
David Simons book is spectacularly important, because it lifts the
veil and shows how the meat and dairy industries rig the game, and
thus are able to stuff us with foods that imperil our health,
devastate the environment, and cause unrelenting cruelty to billions
of animals. He reveals the massive subsidies that make industrial meat
and dairy products seem cheap, when in fact they are destroying our
lives and our future. He lets us see what these industries dont want
us to see--the true cost we are paying for their products. And he
shows us the steps we need to take, as individuals and as a society,
to restore both our economic sanity and our health." --John Robbins,
author of The Food Revolution, No Happy Cows, and Diet For a New
"Meatonomics will grab you and not let you go. Its a critically
important and absolutely fascinating and astonishing in-depth look
into the devastating effects of an industrys economic take-over of
our culture and our well-being. Dave Simon not only cogently and
systematically exposes the many facets of cost externalization by the
meat, dairy, egg, and fishing industries, but he also makes a
compelling case for practical solutions that we can all work for,
discuss, and implement, including a meat tax, changes in government
subsidyprograms, and personal food choices. Meatonomics has my highest
recommendation--a book that liberates as it illuminates." --Dr. Will
Tuttle, Ph.D., author of The World Peace Diet
"This assessment of the powerful animal food industry and the myriad
government policies that support it is well researched and
thought-provoking." -Library Journal
"Meatonomics clearly shows how the price of meat, dairy, eggs, and
fish represents a massive market failure - one that is costing you not
just money, but years of healthy life. Dave Simons thorough research
and shocking statistics prove that powerful industries are
manipulating government. Agencies that should be protecting you
instead tell you to eat more of the foods that cause you to be
overweight and sick - then make it financially irresistible for you to
do so. Romantic images of small family farms have nothing to do with
the reality of animal agriculture today, yet industry exploits this
fantasy to take money out of your pocket and put it into theirs. The
knowledge in Meatonomics willfree you and put you in control of your
own food choices and health." --Janice Stanger, Ph.D., author of The
Perfect Formula Diet
"Each sentence, paragraph, and chapter heaps evidence upon evidence to
support his arguments. Simons writing style is intelligent and
well-sourced without being academic and dry. The research and clear
thought shows his expertise and easily wins readers trust. "
-ForeWord Reviews
"The need to transform the unhealthy, unsustainable, and unjust food
system that prevails today runs deep. It will require food activists
and researchers to undertake what will constitute a long march through
the entire food chain. A critical starting point involves the
corporate-dominated meat production system. Dave Simon takes us on
that journey and helps us identify we will need to confront and the
changes that will need to be made." --Robert Gottleib, co-author of
Food Justice
"A lively, well-researched look at societys many misconceptions about
the production and consumption of meat. If you eat meat, you owe it to
your body and your planet to read this book." --Rory Freedman, author
of Beg and co-author of the Skinny Bitch series
"Bringing cheap meat to the American table not only degrades the
American palate, but it requires a series of corrupt bargains. David
Robinson Simon exposes this corruption with impressive research,
incisive prose, and the passion of a muckraker. The ultimate novelty
of Simons book is to portray our excessive consumption of animal
products as a profound governmental failure, one abetted by corporate
greed and systematic consumer deception. Depressing as the story of
meat can be, Simon leaves the leader feeling empowered and inspired to
eat in a way that reflects our deepest values as concerned consumers.
One finished this book ready to make a change." --James McWilliams,
Ph.D., author of Just Food
"So many books in the animal advocacy field re-hash the tragic yet
familiar problems of animal agriculture--its impact on animals, the
environment, human health, etc. Yet never (to my knowledge) have those
impacts been quantified in economic terms and backed with hard
science. Meatonomics will provide animal advocates, legislators, and
the public with yet another compelling reason to promote policy change
on the national level." --Nick Cooney, author of A Change of Heart and
the founder and director of the Humane League
"Feeding a human meat and dairy and then wondering why it is sick is
like putting syrup in a Ferrari and complaining that it wont start."
--Dan Piraro, illustrator of the syndicated comic strip Bizarro
About the Author
David Robinson Simon is a lawyer and advocate for sustainable
consumption. He works as general counsel for a healthcare company and
serves on the board of the APRL Fund, a non-profit dedicated to
protecting animals. David received his B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and his
J.D. from the University of Southern California. He is also the author
of New Millennium Law Dictionary, a full-length legal dictionary. He
lives in Southern California with his partner, artist Tania Marie, and
their rabbit, tortoise, and two cats.

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