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The Approaching Great Transformation Toward a Livable Post Carbon Economy Joel Magnuson Helena NorbergHodge 2013 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The Approaching Great Transformation Toward a Livable Post Carbon Economy Joel Magnuson Helena NorbergHodge 2013


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2015-05-16 13:22:31

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growth and progress, we shall have to confront the question we have
collectively been avoiding for roughly 500 years: If money is not the
purpose of life, what is? Whether the alternative models discussed in
this book prove to be viable or not, the author makes it clear that
what we are living with now is no choice at all. His message is simple:
change or die." —Morris Berman, author of Why America Failed
“A challenging and engaging exploration of what it will take to make
the transition to an ecologically sustainable future. Magnuson exposes
the false promises of green-wash capitalism—and in the tradition of
E.F. Schumacher puts the hopeful shoots of real alternatives squarely
on the map for ongoing development.”—Gar Alperovitz, Lionel R. Bauman
Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland and author
of America Beyond Capitalism
"We are literally in the midst of reshaping the world and as a result,
this is the time to make the new economy in a way that is redefining,
as economist Joel Magnuson writes, “what is good, beautiful, fair, or
wholesome, and making sure that our economic system allows us to live
according to these beliefs.”—Truthout
"Soon, fossil fuels will run out—or become ridiculously complicated and
expensive to extract—and the global economy will be in a real pickle,
says Magnuson, an economist "specializing in non-orthodox approaches to
political economy." These days, no one is safe from rhetoric about
"going green"; Magnusson argues that this is mostly a "marketing ploy,"
a way for huge corporations to have and eat their cakes—labeling their
products "green" while relentlessly pursuing "endless growth" and
ignoring the reality of a finite planet with limited resources. While
"green" and "sustainable" have become catchwords, material consumption
in the last 25 years has increased. A "deeper transformation of our
core economic institutions" is necessary, he argues; i.e. capitalism
must go. While eloquently argued, the books central message will be
difficult to hear for many, though he effectively skewers the mantras
of those who hope to ignore the problem: "at least it wont happen in
our life time" and "technology will come through." This is a brave book
by a smart person with a masterful command of economic theory;
unfortunately, for these reasons its reach is probably limited: most
people will balk at its central message: that we will have to get by
with much, much less production and consumption."—Publishers Weekly

About the Author

JOEL MAGNUSON is an independent economist based in Portland, Oregon. He
is a visiting fellow at the Ashcroft International Business School at
Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, serves as an
international advisor to Anglias Interconnections, and is on the
faculty at the East West Sanctuary in Nagykovácsi, Hungary. He is the
author of Mindful Economics: How the US Economy Works, Why It Matters,
and How It Could Be Different and The Approaching Great Transformation:
Toward a Livable Post Carbon Economy.

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