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The CIA Books Reports and Manuals Collection :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The CIA Books Reports and Manuals Collection


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The CIA Books Reports and Manuals Collection

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the U.S. Government, tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT). As one of the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and his Cabinet.

Books on the CIA

Acid Dreams The Complete Social History of LSD by Lee & Shlain.pdf

Bitter Fruit The Untold Story of the American Coup in Guatemala.pdf

Chasing Phantoms by Carissa Conti.pdf

CIA and Rural Pacification.pdf

CIA and Surrogate Warfare in Laos.pdf

CIA and the Generals.pdf

CIA Congress.pdf

CIA in Africa.pdf

Cocaine in America Veteran of the CIA Drug War Tells All.pdf

Coup D'Etat in America CIA and JFK.pdf

Dirty Work The CIA in Europe by Philip Agee.pdf

Documents from the US Espionage Den Vol 61.pdf

Encyclopedia of the CIA.pdf

Espionage and Intelligence Viewpoints.pdf

Foreign Intelligence Organizations Richelson.pdf

From Democracy to Dictatorship by Gene sharp.pdf

Getting to Know the President CIA Briefings of Presidential Candidates 1952-1992.pdf

Global Trends.pdf

Globalizing Torture.pdf

Hour of the Time The Invisible Government by David Wise.pdf

In Search of Enemies CIA Story by John Stockwell.pdf

Inside the Company CIA Diary by Philip Agee.pdf

John Stockwell in Search of Enemies.pdf

Kwitny The Crimes of Patriots A True Tale of Dope Dirty Money and the CIA Iran Contra Scandal 1987.pdf

Minute by Minute The Role of Intelligence in the Cuban Missile Crisis Jacqueline V Eyl.pdf

Nazi War Criminals and US Intelligence.pdf

Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart.pdf

Petherick The CIA in Iran The 1953 Coup and the Origins of the US Iran Divide 2006.pdf

Powderburns 2012 with photos.pdf

Psych of Intel New CIA.pdf

Ted Shackley Spymaster My Life in the CIA 2004.pdf

The CIA Against Latin America Special Case Ecuador.pdf

The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Marchetti & Marks.pdf

The Crimes of Patriots A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA by Jonathan Kwitny.pdf

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia.pdf

The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico.pdf

Tracy Twyman Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.pdf

Trail of the Octopus From Beirut to Lockerbie Inside the DIA.pdf

Trance Formation of America.pdf

UFOs Are Real Clifford E Stone.pdf

Vietnam Declassified The CIA and Counterinsurgency.pdf

CIA Manuals

CIA Combat Training.pdf

CIA Deception Program 9 Civil Disturbance Operations.pdf

The 2002 CIA World Factbook.pdf

CIA Reports

2004 CIA Terror Report.pdf

Black September CIA Files.pdf

BP British Petroleum CIA Files.pdf

CIA FBI Bin Laden Statements 1994-2004.pdf

CIA File of Dwight D Eisenhower.pdf

CIA Interrogation.pdf

CIA Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.pdf

CIA Psyops.pdf

CIA Report That Reveals Area 51.pdf

CIA Response.pdf

CIA Sociological Study.pdf

CIA Speaks Master Transcripts.pdf

CIA Torture Report December 2014.pdf

CIA Torture Report Minority Views.pdf

CIA Torture Report.pdf

Counter-Intelligence Interrogation Torture Manual.pdf

Family Jewels.pdf

Finlandization in Action CIA Report.pdf

Intelligence Espionage Military Intelligence Special Series No 20 German Ski Training and Tactics 1944.pdf

MKULTRA CIA Mind Control Research and Documentation.pdf

Pollard Damage Assess CIA.pdf

Report on the Presidents Surveillance Program.pdf

Sturgis CIA Documents.pdf

U2 History Complete.pdf


US Government Experiments on Citizens.pdf

CIA Text

CIA Timeline.pdf

Directory of CIA Espionage Agents.pdf

Project MKUltra The CIA Program of Research in Behavioral Modification.pdf

Sherry Sandor Kelly CIA NSA Occupy Agent.pdf

tags: CIA, NSA, FBI, secret service, intelligence, agency, espionage, mkultra, drugs

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