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Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War - Jean Bricmont - 2006 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War - Jean Bricmont - 2006


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2017-02-24 10:04:59

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Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War - Jean Bricmont - 2006


As Chris Hedges has so profoundly demonstrated in his book 'The Death of the Liberal Class, the minority that once led a movement for 'progressive' reform has now totally morphed into class of highly-educated, affluent power-hungry, social elitists who are, in effect the handmaidens of the ruling corporatist 1% to which they themselves seek the narcotic of power.

Worse for Western society, as extremely-competent communicators these 'liberals' have prostituted themselves into an army of maggot shills, who have turned the 'mainstream media' into the vicious, propaganda arm of genocide and continuous war.

By deliberately manipulating the residual value of 'progressive' language, these conscious, intellectual scum use this perversion to convince passive and receptive populations in the West to embrace the most egregious acts of military barbarism and mass murder in the name of 'humanitarian' interventions,ways, rallying the 'sheepls' to a new popular cause.

The idea of human rights has been made into a justification for intervention by the world's leading economic and military powers—above all, the United States...and its NATO toadies —in countries that are vulnerable to their attacks.

The criteria for such intervention have become more arbitrary and self-serving, egregiously, destructive, from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya, Syria and the interventions in Yemen and Somalia. The 'Left' is aggressively complicit in this ideology of intervention—discovering these new “Hitlers” as the need arose, and denouncing antiwar arguments as appeasement.

Jean Bricmont’s Humanitarian Imperialism is both an historical account of this development and a powerful political and moral critique. It seeks to restore the critique of imperialism to its rightful place in the defense of human rights.

It describes the leading role of the United States in initiating military and other interventions, but also on the obvious support given to it by European powers and NATO. It outlines an alternative approach to the question of human rights, based on the genuine recognition of the equal rights of people in poor and wealthy countries.

Timely, topical, and rigorously argued, Jean Bricmont’s book establishes a firm basis for resistance to global war.... with no end in sight

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