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BAMAKOAbderrahmane Sissako2006French bambara SPA SUB DVD5 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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BAMAKOAbderrahmane Sissako2006French bambara SPA SUB DVD5


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2009-05-25 10:15:33

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Direccin y guin: Abderrahmane Sissako. Pases: Francia, Mali y USA.
Ao: 2006. Duracin: 118 min. Gnero:
Interpretacin: Assa Maga (Mel), Ticoura Traor (Chaka), Hlne
Diarra (Saramba), Habib Dembl (Fala), Djnba Kon (hermana de
Chaka), Hamadoun Kassogu (periodista), Hamye Mahalmadane (presidente
del tribunal), Assata Tall Sall (abogada), William Bourdon (abogado),
Roland Rappaport (abogado), Danny Glover (cow-boy). Produccin: Denis
Freyd y Abderrahmane Sissako. Produccin ejecutiva: Danny Glover y
Joslyn Barnes. Fotografa: Jacques Besse. Montaje: Nadia Ben Rachid.
Diseo de produccin: Mahamadou Kouyat. Vestuario: Maji-da Abdi.
SINOPSIS Mel (Assa Maga) canta en un bar, su marido Chaka (Ticoura
Traor) est en el paro y la pareja est a punto de romper. El patio
de la casa que comparten con otras familias se ha convertido en una
sala de juicios: portavoces de la sociedad civil africana acusan al
Banco Mundial y al Fondo Monetario Internacional de los males que
afligen a frica. Y mientras se suceden las declaraciones de
acusadores, defensores y testigos, la vida en el patio contina. Chaka
no parece muy preocupado por este deseo inslito de frica de luchar
por sus derechos. Direction and screenplay: Abderrahmane Sissako.
Countries: France, Mali and the USA. Year: 2006. Length: 118 min.
Genre: Drama. Interpretation: Assa Maga (Mel) Ticoura Traor
(Chaka), Hlne Diarra (Saramba), Habib Dembl (Fala) Djnba Kon
(sister of Chaka), Hamadoun Kassogu (journalist), Hamye Mahalmadane
(presiding judge), Assata Tall Sall (lawyer), William Bourdon
(lawyer), Roland Rappaport (lawyer), Danny Glover (cow-boy). Producer:
Denis Freyd and Abderrahmane Sissako. Executive producer: Danny Glover
and Joslyn Barnes. Photography: Jacques Besse. Editor: Nadia Ben
Rachid. Production design: Mahamadou Kouyat. Costumes: Maji-da Abdi.
In Bamako, also known as The Court, Sisako has staged a mock trial of
the IMF, the World Bank, and the other international financial
institutions run by the rich countries that have perhaps contributed
to the impoverishment and demographic ravaging of contemporary Africa
more than they have helped the continent. This event takes place in
the middle of a big busy square in a section of the capital of Mali,
Bamako. There is a whole panoply of characters - a beautiful queen bee
(an example of the grace and poise of African women), Mel (Aissa
Maiga) and her husband Chaka (Tiecoura Traore). Mels a popular
singer whose marriage is disintegrating and two of her spirited songs
are integrated into the film. People watch TV, and the director
ironically injects into his film a "western" set in Timbukto, in which
incongruous white men as well as Palestinian director Elia Suleiman
and Bamakos producer Danny Glover shoot each other. The effect is
grotesque, but thats the point: why should Africans be watching TV
westerns? Elsewhere on the earthy "set" of the film theres a young
man, also beautiful, who lies dying inside a nearby building with no
medical care. There are many children, some playing about, some being
breast-fed. A couple marry, and the festivities interrupt the trial.
Theres a flinty gatekeeper who decides who can come in and who cant.
Theres a traditional griot whos one of the "witnesses" and who ends
the proceedings with a hypnotic chant (not translated, but strangely
stirring and stunning). Theres another "witness" - a former
schoolteacher - so hopelessly demoralized he refuses to utter a word;
a sound recordist; a video photographer who says he prefers to take
pictures of the dead because theyre more real; and many
authentic-looking extras, including a variety of dried-up tough
young-old (or ageless) stick-men, all of them coming and going. You
get a vivid sense from all this, which is rhythmically inter-cut with
the trial itself, of the harmonious seeming chaos of African village
life; the color, the beauty and dignity of the people. You get above
all a sense that life goes on. There are two white men on the "stage"
of the trial, one an advocate for the international organizations
(Roland Rappoport) and the other (William Bourdon) eloquently speaking
for the African people and for socialism who concludes that the first
world should be sentenced "to community service" "forever." Eloquent
though he is, a Malian woman lawyer who speaks after him (Aissata Tall
Sall) is more touching. Like An Inconvenient Truth, Bamakos trial
presents facts and arguments of enormous present day importance - this
time surrounding not global warming and the disintegration of the
earths eco-system, but another set of the planets major problems:
the social imbalances, the domination of the many by the few; poverty
and disease, "terrorism" used to excuse world domination, the richest
nations doing harm while seeming to do good; the ravages of
globalization, the privatization of natural resources down to land and
water, perhaps ultimately to air; the national debts of poor nations
collected by the economic organizations of the rich ones, and thereby
preventing the poor ones from gaining any ground against the ravages
of poverty and underdevelopment. Seed

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