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PBS Frontline The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan 2010 HDTV XviDEPiSODE :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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PBS Frontline The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan 2010 HDTV XviDEPiSODE


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2010-04-27 16:41:21

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550.74 MB

PBS Frontline: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
Originally aired: April 20, 2010
A 15-year-old dances at a party in Takhar.
As the United States deepens its commitment to Afghanistan, FRONTLINE
takes viewers inside the war-torn nation to reveal a disturbing
practice that is once again flourishing in the country: the organized
sexual abuse of adolescent boys.
In The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, Afghan journalist Najibullah
Quraishi ([52]Behind Taliban Lines) returns to his native land to
expose an ancient practice that has been brought back by powerful
warlords, former military commanders and wealthy businessmen. Known as
"bacha bazi" (literal translation: "boy play"), this illegal practice
exploits street orphans and poor boys, some as young as 11, whose
parents are paid to give over their sons to their new "masters." The
men dress the boys in womens clothes and train them to sing and dance
for the entertainment of themselves and their friends. According to
experts, the dancing boys are used sexually by these powerful men.
In detailed conversations with several bacha bazi masters in northern
Afghanistan and with the dancing boys they own, reporter Quraishi
reveals a culture where wealthy Afghan men openly exploit some of the
poorest, most vulnerable members of their society.
"What was so unnerving about the men I had met was not just their lack
of concern for the damage their abuse was doing to the boys," Quraishi
says. "It was also their casualness with which they operated and the
pride with which they showed me their boys, their friends, their
world. They clearly believed that nothing they were doing was wrong."
Under the guise of doing a documentary on similar practices in Europe,
Quraishi gained the confidence of Dastager, a former mujahideen
commander and wealthy businessman whose business interests include
importing autos from the Far East. With Dastager as his guide,
Quraishi takes viewers inside the world of bacha bazi, where prominent
men compete to own and use the boys.
"I had a boy because every commander had a partner," says Mestary, a
former senior commander who is well connected with major Afghan
warlords. "Among the commanders there is competition, and if I didnt
have one, then I could not compete with them."
"I go to every province to have happiness and pleasure with boys,"
says an Afghan man known as "The German," who acts as a bacha bazi
pimp, supplying boys to the men. "Some boys are not good for dancing,
and they will be used for other purposes. ... I mean for sodomy and
other sexual activities."
"Its a disgusting practice. ... Its a form of slavery, taking a
child, keeping him. Its a form of sexual slavery," says [53]Radhika
Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative for Children and Armed
Conflict. "The only way to stop bacha bazi is if you prosecute the
people who commit the crime, and thats what we need, because the laws
are there in the books against this practice."
In the documentary, Quraishi interviews local police officials who
insist that men who participate in bacha bazi will be arrested and
punished regardless of their wealth or powerful connections. Later
that day, however, Quraishis cameras catch two officers from the same
police department attending an illegal bacha bazi party.
"Many of the people who do this work for the government," says
[54]Nazer Alimi, who compiled a report on bacha bazi for UNICEF. "They
speak out against it but are abusers themselves. ... I personally
cannot mention any names because I am scared."
Quraishi speaks with some dancing boys who fear they will be beaten or
killed. "If they stray, they get killed," says a 13-year-old dancing
boy. "Sometimes fighting happens among the men who own the boys. If
you dont please them, they beat you, and people get killed."
Quraishi also talks with the family of 15-year-old Hafiz, who
reportedly was murdered after trying to escape from his master, a
well-known drug baron and warlord. In Hafizs case, a suspect -- the
policeman who supplied the gun that killed Hafiz -- was arrested and
convicted. Sentenced to 16 years in prison, the officer was released
after serving only a few months. Hafizs family says they suspect the
boys former owner bribed local officials to win his release.
"If only these people were punished, this kind of thing wouldnt
happen," Hafizs mother says. "Whoever commits these crimes doesnt
get punished. Power is power."
The program will conclude with a detailed update of attempts to
arrange the rescue of one of the dancing boys profiled in the film, an
11-year-old boy bought by Dastager from an impoverished rural family.
It is a dramatic final chapter, full of new shocks and surprises, and,
in the end, provides a measure of justice for the boy and his master.
Episode webpage:
You can watch a streaming video of this program at the PBS website
Group : EPiSODE
File size : 550mb
Runtime : 51 mins
Languages : English
Video Codec : XviD
Video Bitrate : 1304 kbps
Video Aspect : 1.81:1
Resolution : 624x352
Framerate : 29.970 fps
Audio Codec : AC3
Audio Format : CBR 192k Stereo
PBS Frontline website: [56]

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