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Atheist collection 80 books and PDFs :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Atheist collection 80 books and PDFs


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2010-04-28 13:07:26

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List of books/PDFs:
101 Contradictions in the Bible
Antony, Louise M. - Philosophers Without Gods
Armstrong, Karen - A History of God
Atheist Quotes - 1
Atheist Quotes - 2
Bank of Wisdom - Books Catalog
Bryson, Bill - A Short History of Nearly Everything
Converse, Raymond W. - Atheism as a Positive Social Force
DAdamo, Arthur - Science Without Bounds
Dale, T. Nelson - The Harmony Between Christian Faith and Physical
Darwin, Charles - Origin of Species
Darwin, Charles - The Descent of Man
Dawkins, Richard - A Devils Chaplain
Dawkins, Richard - Atheism And Awareness
Dawkins, Richard - Debating Religion
Dawkins, Richard - Good & Bad Reasons for Believing
Dawkins, Richard - How Dare You Call Me a Fundamentalist
Dawkins, Richard - The Ancestors Tale
Dawkins, Richard - The Blind Watchmaker
Dawkins, Richard - The God Delusion
Dawkins, Richard - The Improbability Of God
Dawkins, Richard - The Selfish Gene
Dawkins, Richard - The Tanner Lectures on Human Values
Dawkins, Richard - Time to Stand Up
Dawkins, Richard - Unweaving The Rainbow
Dawkins, Richard - Viruses of the Mind
Dennett, Daniel C. - Breaking the Spell - Religion as a Natural
Dennett, Daniel C. - Darwins Dangerous Idea
Ehrman, Bart D. - Gods Problem
Ehrman, Bart D. - Misquoting Jesus - Atheist FAQ (Short and Nice)
Gaarder, Jostein - Sophies World
Gibson, Mel - The Idiots Guide to Atheism
Gilovich, Thomsa - How We Know What Isnt So
Goldman, Emma - The Philosophy of Atheism
Gould, Stephen Jay - Evolution as Fact and Theory
Harding, Nick - How to be a Good Atheist
Harris, Sam - 10 Myths and 10 Truths about Atheism
Harris, Sam - An Atheist Manifesto
Harris, Sam - Letter to a Christian Nation
Harris, Sam - The End of Faith
Hastings, Sean and Paul Rosenberg - God Wants You Dead
Hawking, Stephen - A Brief History of Time
Hitchens, Christopher - God is not Great
John, Draper - History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science
Kernohan, Andrew - A Guide for the Godless
Konner, Joan - The Atheists Bible
Lamont, Corliss - The Philosophy of Humanism
Martin, Michael - The Cambridge Companion to Atheism
Mcgrath, Alister & Joanna Collicutt - The Dawkins Delusion
Meslier, Jean - Superstition in All Ages
Mills, David - Atheist Universe
Onfray, Michel - In Defense of Atheism
Pennock, Robert - Tower of Babel
Plantinga, Alvin - Theism, Atheism, Rationality
Popper, Karl - Logic of Scientific Discovery
Rushdie, Salman - The Satanic Verses
Russel, Bertrand - Why I am Not a Christian
Sagan, Carl - Billions & Billions
Sagan, Carl - Can We Know The Universe
Sagan, Carl - The Burden of Skepticism
Sagan, Carl - The Fine Art of Baloney Detection
Sagan, Carl - Wonder and Skepticism
Schick, Theodore Jr. and Lewis Vaughn - informal fallacies
Shanks, Niall - God, the Devil, and Darwin
Shelley, Percy Bysshe - The Necessity of Atheism
Sim, Stuart - Empire of Belief
Slone, D. Jason - Theological Incorrectness
Smith, George - Atheism - The Case Against God
Sousa, Ronald De - Why Think? - The Evolution of the Rational Mind
Steele, David Ramsay - Atheism Explained
Stenger, Victor - God - The Failed Hypothesis
Teller, Woosley - The Atheism of Astronomy
The Orthodox New Testament
The Atheist Empire ( - Great Minds Quotes Against
Religion v1
The Open Society (Volume 79, number 1, Autumn 2006) - A Born Humanist
Trakakis, Nick - The God Beyond Belief
Wainwright, William, J. (editor) - The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy
of Religion
We Believe That Reality Does Matter
Download E-books about Anarchism, Ecology and Permaculture -

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