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Channel 4 Unreported World 95 Episodes PHC :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Channel 4 Unreported World 95 Episodes PHC


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2010-11-05 09:50:17

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phc sayz:
Probably one of the best contemporary television documentaries.
Unreported World takes you around the globe to societies and cultures
you wont ever see anywhere else on television. Gritty, shocking,
sometimes violent, but always eye-opening, the Unreported World series
is TV not to be missed. The raw footage here will jump up and shit
you in the eye. Itll make you very, very thankful for everything
that you have. Also, great for studies in history, development,
economics, sociology, anthropology and geography.
Directory of Unreported World
Unreported World s07e01 The Killing of Kashmir (2004).avi
Unreported World s09e01 India - Land of Missing Children (2005).avi
Unreported World s09e02 Peru and Bolivia - The Inca Revolution
Unreported World s09e03 Papua New Guinea - Rambo Nation (2005).avi
Unreported World s09e04 Thailand - Ghost Warriors (2005).avi
Unreported World s09e05 Brazil - Slaves of The Amazon (2005).avi
Unreported World S10E01 Iraq - On the Front Line 01-09-06.mpg
Unreported World s10e02 Somalia Al-Qaedas New Haven.avi
Unreported World s10e03 Gaza - The Bullet And The Ballot Box(2005).avi
Unreported World s10e04 Pakistans Double Game.avi
Unreported World s10e05 Colombias Secret War.avi
Unreported World S11E01 Sri Lanka - Tigers in the Shadows.avi
Unreported World s11e02 Kenya - Democracy in the Dumps (2006).avi
Unreported World s11e04 Philippines - City of Guilt (2006).avi
Unreported World S11E05 Nepal-Kingdom on the Edge.avi
Unreported World S11E06 - Turkey- Europes Hidden War.avi
Unreported World s11e07 Malaysia - Asias Slaves (2006).avi
Unreported World s11e10 Brazil - Slum Warfare (2006).avi
Unreported World S12E01 The New Apartheid (13 October 2006).avi
Unreported World S12E02 West Papua Rainforest warriors (2006).avi
Unreported World S12E10 Hearts.Minds.and.Holy.War (2006).avi
Unreported World S13E02 Chinas.African.Takeover.avi
Unreported World S13E03 Ivory Coast - Blood.And.Chocolate.avi
Unreported World
Unreported World S13E05 Chongqing.Invisible.City.avi
Unreported World S13E06 Zimbabwe. Mugabes Reign of Terror.avi
Unreported World S13E07 Kosovo - State of Denial (25 May 2007).avi
Unreported World S13E08 East.Timor.avi
Unreported World S13E09.Israels.Wild.West.avi
Unreported World S13E10 Mongolia Gold Mining
Unreported World S14E01 Guns, Votes & Money (14 September 2007).avi
Unreported World S14E02 Indias Broken People (21 September 2007).avi
Unreported World S14E03 Children Of The Lost Generation (28 September
Unreported World S14E04.Guinea.Bissau-Cocaine.Country.avi
Unreported World S14E05 Honduras.War On Children (12 October 2007).avi
Unreported World S14E06 Chinas Olympic Lie (19 October 2007).avi
Unreported World S14E07 The Battle For Oil (26 October 2007).avi
Unreported World S14E08 Columbia Cocaine City (2 November 2007).avi
Unreported World S14E09 Killing For Peace (9 November
Unreported World S14E10 Children Of Genocide (16 November 2007).avi
Unreported World S15E01 Egypts Rubbish People (8 February 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E02 The Devils Highway (15 February 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E03 Blood, Church & State (22 February 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E04 Railway Of Bones (29 February 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E05 Bangladesh- The Drowning Country (7 March
Unreported World S15E06 Meet The Janjaweed (14 March 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E07 Reign Of The Rockets (28 March 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E08 Benin.Voodoo Children (4 April 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E09 The Amazons Golden Curse (11 April 2008).avi
Unreported World S15E10 Kenyas Human Timebomb (18 April 2008).avi
Unreported World S16E01 - South Africa Body Parts for Sale (17 October
Unreported World S16E02 - India Gods Own Country (24 October
Unreported World S16E03 - Abkhazia Valley of the Lost (31 October
Unreported World S16E04 - Paraguays Painful Harvest (7 November
Unreported World S16E05 - Philippines Lost In A Shadow War (14
November 2008)[WS.PDTV(XviD)].avi
Unreported World S16E06 - Venezuela Cult of the Thugs (21 November
Unreported World S16E07 - Nigeria Child Brides Broken Lives (2 January
Unreported World S16E08 - Thailand Lessons in Terror (5 December
Unreported World S16E09 - Yemen Sea of Tears (12 December
Unreported World S16E10 - Mexico Seven Days in Hell (19 December
Unreported World S17E01 - Congo Forest of the Dead (13 March
Unreported World S17E02 - Cambodia Selling the Killing Fields (20
March 2009)[WS.PDTV(XviD)].avi
Unreported World S17E03 - Turkey Killing for Honour (27 March
Unreported World S17E04 - Sierra Leone Insanity of War (3 April
Unreported World S17E05 - Haiti The Island that Ate Itself (10 April
Unreported World S17E06 - China & North Korea The Great Escape (17
April 2009)[WS.PDTV(XviD)].avi
Unreported World S17E07 - India Children of the Inferno(24 April
Unreported World S17E08 - Afghanistan Waiting for the Taliban (1 May
Unreported World S17E09 - Papua New Guinea Bush Knives and Black Magic
(8 May 2009)[WS.PDTV(XviD)].avi
Unreported World S17E10 - Brazil The Killables (15 May
Unreported World S18E01 - Ingushetia Russias Dirty War (25 September
Unreported World S18E02 - Philippines Holy Warriors (2 October
Unreported World S18E03 - Peru Blood and Oil (9 October
Unreported World S18E04 - Liberia Stolen Childhood (16 October
Unreported World S18E05 - Guatemala Riding with the Devil(23 October
Unreported World S18E06 - Greece The Unwanted (30 October
Unreported World S18E07 - South Sudan How to Fuel a Famine (6 November
Unreported World S18E08 - Nepal The Living Dead (13 November
Unreported World S18E09 - Malaysia Refugees for Sale (20 November
Unreported World S18E10 - Israel The Battle for Israels Soul (27
November 2009)[PDTV(XviD)].avi
Unreported World S19E01 - End of the Elephant (26 March
Unreported World S19E02 - Nigerias Killing Fields (2 April
Unreported World S19E04 Tobaccos.child.workers.avi
Unreported World S19E05 - Inside Burmas Secret State (21 May
Unreported World S19E06 - Iraqs Next Battlefield (28 May
Unreported World S19E07 - Bolivias Child Miners (4 June
Unreported World S19E08 - El Salvador - The Child Assassins (11 June
Unreported World S19E09 America - Down and Out.avi
Unreported World S19E10 - Colombias Dying Tribes (2 July
Unreported World S20E01 - Uganda - Malaria Town (1 October
Unreported World S20E02 - Afghanistans Child Drug Addicts (8 October
Unreported World S20E03 - Philippines - The City with Too Many People
(15 October 2010)[PDTV(XviD)].avi
Unreported World S20E04 - Mexicos Indian Rebellion.avi
Unreported World S20E05 - Zimbabwes Blood Diamonds (29 October
94 File(s) 22,659,960,832 bytes
Channel 4 Unreported World - 95 episodes PHC

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