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DOC The Root of AlL Evil - The God Delusion -+- The Virus of Faith - Richard Dawkins 2006 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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DOC The Root of AlL Evil - The God Delusion -+- The Virus of Faith - Richard Dawkins 2006


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2008-02-26 19:03:02

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The Root of AlL Evil - Richard Dawkins 2006

The God Delusion (p1) and The Virus of Faith (p2)

Root of all Evil?

Richard Dawkins says;

There are would be murderers all around the world who want to kill you and me and themselves because they're motivated by what they think is the highest ideal.

Of course politics are important.

Iraq, Palestine, even social deprivation in Bradford but as we wake us to this huge challenge to our civilised values, don't lets forget the elephant in the room, an elephant called Religion.

The suicide bomber is convinced that in killing for his God he will be fast tracked to a special mater's heaven.

This isn't just a problem of ISLAM.

In this programme I want to examine that dangerous thing that's common to Judaism and Christianity as well.

The process of none thinking called faith.

I'm a scientist and I believe there is a profound contradiction between science and religious belief.

There is no well demonstrated reason to believe in God and I think the idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant reality of the Universe.

The 21st century should be an age of reason yet irrational militant faith is back on the march.

Religious extremism is implicated in the worlds most bitter and unending conflicts.

The middle east and America both have their own extremists and in Britain even as we live in the shadow of holy terror our Government wants to restrict our freedom to criticise Religion.

Science we are told should not step on the toes of theology, but why should scientists tiptoe respectfully away?

The time has come for people of reason to say enough is enough, Religious Faith discourages independent thought, its divisive and its dangerous.

more info - Wikipedia/The Root of ALL EVIL

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