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The Story of Stuff Epub Ebook :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The Story of Stuff Epub Ebook


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2011-01-21 10:37:50

Description (required)
"The intrepid Ann Leonard has written an eye-opening, humorous, and
highly readable account of how our seemingly innocuous lifestyles are
part of a larger system of destruction and dysfunction. Leonard gets
my vote for hero of the year. A must-read."

--Juliet B. Schor, author of Plenitude: The New Economics of True
Wealth and professor of sociology at Boston College
"Where others have documented countless challenges to the Earth and
its inhabitants, Annie Leonard has accomplished the rare feat of
defining the systemic nature of the problems we face and offering
solutions that get to the heart of the matter. Whether you are
redesigning industry and commerce or simply imagining a better world
for your grandchildrens grandchildren, Annies work will engage you.
Read it and be inspired into action."

--Ray C. Anderson, founder and chairman, Interface, Inc.
"At once engaging, accessible, and authoritative, The Story of Stuff
is a brilliant masterwork. Leonard weaves together engaging personal
stories and encyclopedic knowledge of her subject to communicate a
powerful systemic frame and define a spot-on agenda for practical
action. I gained new facts, ideas, and inspiration. It gets my highest
and most enthusiastic recommendation for anyone interested in why we
humans are on a path to self-destruction and what we can do about it."

--David C. Korten, author of Agenda for a New Economy and The Great
Turning and board chair of YES! magazine
"When Annie Leonard came to work at the Center for Study of Responsive
Law, she brought a special character--a dynamic curiosity; a
willingness to scour the countries of the Earth to understand and
document solid and chemical wastes production, consumption, and
disposal; the intellectual and emotional intelligence to mobilize
everyone she could reach to respect the ecosphere; and health and
safety concerns. Those dynamic energies permeate her galvanizing,
exciting, and fascinating book. You will be bouncing up and down as
you are drawn through its pages, graphics, and engrossing stories.
Annie Leonard not only knows `the story of stuff--she has the right

--Ralph Nader

Product Description

We have a problem with Stuff. With just 5 percent of the worlds
population, were consuming 30 percent of the worlds resources and
creating 30 percent of the worlds waste. If everyone consumed at U.S.
rates, we would need three to five planets!

This alarming fact drove Annie Leonard to create the Internet film
sensation The Story of Stuff, which has been viewed over 10 million
times by people around the world. In her sweeping, groundbreaking book
of the same name, Leonard tracks the life of the Stuff we use every
day--where our cotton T-shirts, laptop computers, and aluminum cans
come from, how they are produced, distributed, and consumed, and where
they go when we throw them out. Like Rachel Carsons Silent Spring,
The Story of Stuff is a landmark book that will change the way people
think--and the way they live.

Leonards message is startlingly clear: we have too much Stuff, and
too much of it is toxic. Outlining the five stages of our
consumption-driven economy--from extraction through production,
distribution, consumption, and disposal--she vividly illuminates its
frightening repercussions. Visiting garbage dumps and factories around
the world, Leonard reveals the true story behind our possessions--why
its cheaper to replace a broken TV than to fix it; how the promotion
of "perceived obsolescence" encourages us to toss out everything from
shoes to cell phones while theyre still in perfect shape; and how
factory workers in Haiti, mine workers in Congo, and everyone who
lives and works within this system pay for our cheap goods with their
health, safety, and quality of life. Meanwhile we, as consumers, are
compromising our health and well-being, whether its through
neurotoxins in our pillows or lead leaching into our kids food from
their lunchboxes--and all this Stuff isnt even making us happier! We
work hard so we can buy Stuff that we quickly throw out, and then

we want new Stuff so we work harder and have no time to enjoy all our
Stuff. . . . With staggering revelations about the economy, the
environment, and cultures around the world, alongside stories from her
own life and work, Leonard demonstrates that the drive for a "growth
at all costs" economy fuels a cycle of production, consumption, and
disposal that is killing us.

It is a system in crisis, but Annie Leonard shows us that this is not
the way things have to be. Its within our power to stop the
environmental damage, social injustice, and health hazards caused by
polluting production and excessive consumption, and Leonard shows us
how. Expansive, galvanizing, and sobering yet optimistic, The Story of
Stuff transforms how we think about our lives and our relationship to
the planet.

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