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Eating Animals Jonathan Safran Foer pdf :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Eating Animals Jonathan Safran Foer pdf


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2011-01-26 18:31:32

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"For a hot young writer to train his sights on a subject as
unpalatable as meat production and consumption takes raw nerve. What
makes Eating Animals so unusual is vegetarian Foers empathy for human
meat eaters, his willingness to let both factory farmers and food
reform activists speak for themselves, and his talent for using humor
to sweeten a sour argument." (O, The Oprah Magazine )
"The everyday horrors of factory farming are evoked so vividly, and
the case against the people who run the system presented so
convincingly, that anyone who, after reading Foers book, continues to
consume the industrys products must be without a heart, or impervious
to reason, or both."
(J.M. Coetzee )
"Stirring....compelling, earnest...Foer brings an invigorating moral
clarity to the topic." (Entertainment Weekly )
"Eating Animals carefully, deliberately, takes you through every
relevant dimension of factory farming...One sees it from the inside,
the outside, the moral high ground, the dithering consumer level,
through Foers family stories, from slaughterhouse workers, animal
behaviorists, even from defenders of the system... Foers aim is not
to make your choice, but to inform it. He has done us all a great
service, and we, and the animals, owe him our thanks." (The Huffington
Post Dr. Andrew Weil )
"[Eating Animals] is a postmodern version of Peter Singers 1975
manifesto Animal Liberation...Foer is the latest in a long line of
distinguished literary vegetarians." (New York Times Book Review
Jennifer Schuessler )
"Some of our finest journalists (Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser) and
animal rights activists (Peter Singer, Temple Grandin)-not to mention
Gandhi, Jesus, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, John Locke and
Immanuel Kant (and so many others)-have hurled themselves against the
question of eating meat and the moral issues inherent in killing
animals for food. Foer, 32, in this, his first work of nonfiction,
intrepidly joins their ranks...It is the kind of wisdom that, in all
its humanity and clarity, deserves a place at the table with our
greatest philosophers." (Los Angeles Times Susan Salter Reynolds )
"A work of moral philosophy...After reading this book, its hard to
disagree [with Foer]." (San Francisco Chronicle Geoff Nicholson )
"The latest from novelist Foer is a surprising but characteristically
brilliant memoir-investigation, boasting an exhaustively-argued
account of one man-childs decade-long struggle with
vegetarianism...Without pulling any punches-factory farming is given
the full expose treatment-Foer combines an array of facts,
astutely-written anecdotes, and his furious, inward-spinning energy to
make a personal, highly entertaining take on an increasingly
visible...moral question; call it, perhaps, An Omnivores Dilemma."
(Publishers Weekly )
"[Eating Animals] is extraordinarily thoughtful and intelligent, and
reads more like philosophy than journalism." (St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Holly Silva )
"Foers case for ethical vegetarianism is wholly compelling...A blend
of solid-and discomforting-reportage with fierce advocacy that will
make committed carnivores squeal." (Kirkus Reviews )

Product Description

Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his teenage and college years
oscillating between omnivore and vegetarian. But on the brink of
fatherhood-facing the prospect of having to make dietary choices on a
childs behalf-his casual questioning took on an urgency His quest for
answers ultimately required him to visit factory farms in the middle
of the night, dissect the emotional ingredients of meals from his
childhood, and probe some of his most primal instincts about right and
wrong. Brilliantly synthesizing philosophy, literature, science,
memoir and his own detective work, Eating Animals explores the many
fictions we use to justify our eating habits-from folklore to pop
culture to family traditions and national myth-and how such tales can
lull us into a brutal forgetting. Marked by Foers profound moral
ferocity and unvarying generosity, as well as the vibrant style and
creativity that made his previous books, Everything is Illuminated and
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, widely loved, Eating Animals is a
celebration and a reckoning, a story about the stories weve told-and
the stories we now need to tell.

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