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Philosophy Bites Episodes 1158 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Philosophy Bites Episodes 1158


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2011-07-07 23:16:31

Description (required)

These are all the episodes of the podcast Philosophy Bites up to the
158th one which was released on July 3th 2011. All were downloaded
from Uniform ID3-tags have been added. Feel
free to spread this torrent to other trackers and check out Philosophy
Bites too, its a great podcast.
From the about us page on

[50]David Edmonds (on the right in the photo) is co-author of
Wittgensteins Poker - this focuses on a ten minute argument between
Karl Popper and Ludwig Wittgenstein. His other books - also written
with John Eidinow - include [51]Bobby Fischer Goes to War (on the
notorious chess match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky) and
[52]Rousseaus Dog , which dissects the famous quarrel between David
Hume and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His day job is making radio
documentaries for the BBC.

[53]Nigel Warburton (on the left in the photo) has written a number of
books including [54]Philosophy: The Basics , Philosophy: The Classics
(some of which is [55]available as a podcast) , Thinking from A to Z
and The Art Question. He is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open
University. He has also made a number of programmes for BBC Radio 4,
writes a weblog called [56]Virtual Philosopher and regularly leads
courses on the philosophy of art at Tate Modern. His latest book,
[57]Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction, was published in February
2009 (for more information about this book and free speech generally
visit[58] this weblog).

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