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The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia


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2011-08-27 11:35:52

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MOBI, because Barnes and Noble doesnt have a Nook version of this
Enjoy! Review
In a phrase coined by Captain Arthur Connolly of the East India
Company before he was beheaded in Bokhara for spying in 1842, a "Great
Game" was played between Tsarist Russia and Victorian England for
supremacy in Central Asia. At stake was the security of India, key to
the wealth of the British Empire. When play began early in the 19th
century, the frontiers of the two imperial powers lay two thousand
miles apart, across vast deserts and almost impassable mountain
ranges; by the end, only 20 miles separated the two rivals.
Peter Hopkirk, a former reporter for The Times of London with wide
experience of the region, tells an extraordinary story of ambition,
intrigue, and military adventure. His sensational narrative moves at
breakneck pace, yet even as he paints his colorful characters--tribal
chieftains, generals, spies, Queen Victoria herself--he skillfully
provides a clear overview of the geographical and diplomatic
framework. The Great Game was Russias version of Americas "Manifest
Destiny" to dominate a continent, and Hopkirk is careful to explain
Russian viewpoints as fully as those of the British. The story ends
with the fall of Tsarist Russia in 1917, but the demise of the Soviet
Empire (hastened by a decade of bloody fighting in Afghanistan) gives
it new relevance, as world peace and stability are again threatened by
tensions in this volatile region of great mineral wealth and strategic
significance. --John Stevenson
Publishers Weekly
Half-mad Russian czar Paul I dispatched an invasion force to India in
1801. It was hastily recalled upon his assassination. But 70 years
later a succession of ambitious czars had crushed the Muslim peoples
of Central Asia, and confident St. Petersburg again cast a covetous
eye southward on India. Fearing a Russian invasion, the British rulers
of India sent English spies disguised as holy men to find out what the
Russians were up to. In 1880, after bloody fighting, the British
eradicated Russian influence in Afghanistan and established a buffer
state. The Great Game, as the Anglo-Russian struggle in Central Asia
was called, unfolds in Hopkirks ( Setting the East Ablaze ) intricate
narrative as an incredible tale of high adventure and political
intrigue, conveyed here through the exploits of Cossacks, Muslim
guerrillas, courageous travelers, spies, mapmakers and soldiers. The
Great Game ended in 1907 with an Anglo-Russian pact, but as Hopkirk
notes in a foreword, a new imperialist rivalry is underway in Central
Asia, pitting the U.S. against Russia, Turkey, China and Iran. Photos.

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