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Criticism of the Western Civilization Collection 12 Inequality amp Poverty :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Criticism of the Western Civilization Collection 12 Inequality amp Poverty


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2011-10-04 10:26:46

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178.14 MB

Criticism of the Western Civilization - Collection 12 (Inequality &...
Criticism of the Western Civilization - Collection 12 (Inequality &
We have 33 titles in this upload:
- Arthur - Race, Equality and the Burdens of History (2007)
- Attanasio - Inequality in Living Standards since 1980; Income Tells
only a Small Part of the Story (2011)
- Baker - Inequality across Societies; Families, Schools and
Persisting Stratification (2004)
- Behnassi - Global Food Insecurity; Rethinking Agricultural and
Rural Development Paradigm and Policy (2011)
- Berger - The Inequality Puzzle; European and US Leaders Discuss
Rising Income Inequality (2010)
- Bramble - Labors Conflict; Big Business, Workers and the Politics
of Class (2011)
- Chakravarty - Inequality, Polarization and Poverty; Advances in
Distributional Analysis (2009)
- Clear - Imprisoning Communities; How Mass Incarceration Makes
Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Worse (2007)
- Cook - Disappearing Palestine; Israels Experiments in Human
Despair (2008)
- Cowell - Inequality, Welfare and Income Distribution; Experimental
Approaches (2004)
- Dolphin - The West Bank Wall; Unmaking Palestine (2006)
- Fear-Segal - White Mans Club; Schools, Race, and the Struggle of
Indian Acculturation (2007)
- Frank & Cook - The Winner-Take-All-Society (1995)
- Garcia - Mexican American and Immigrant Poverty in the United
States (2011)
- Goldberg - Poor Women in Rich Countries; The Feminization of
Poverty over the Life Course (2010)
- Goldsmith & Blakely - Separate Societies; Poverty and Inequality in
U.S. Cities (2010)
- Greenberg - To Ask for an Equal Chance; African Americans in the
Great Depression (2009)
- Harrison - Inside the Third World; the Anatomy of Poverty, 3rd ed.
- Hartmann - Screwed; the Undeclared War Against the Middle Class
- Haywood & Howard - Lynching; A Weapon of National Oppression (1932)
- Madeley - Big Business, Poor Peoples; How Transnational
Corporations Damage the Worlds Poor (2008)
- Pantazis & Gordon - Tackling Inequalities; where are We Now and
what Can be Done (2000)
- Parenti - Democracy for the Few, 9th ed. (2011)
- Platt - Discovering Child Poverty; the Creation of a Policy Agenda
from 1800 to the Present (2005)
- Power - City Survivors; Bringing up Children in Disadvantaged
Neighbourhoods (2007)
- Prosterman - One Billion Rising; Law, Land and the Alleviation of
Global Poverty (2007)
- Ravenhill - The Culture of Homelessness (2008)
- Rubio - Theres always Work at the Post Office; African American
Postal Workers and the Fight for Jobs, Justice, and Equality (2010)
- Sacks - Tearing Down the Gates; Confronting the Class Divide in
American Education (2007)
- Shorrocks & Hoeven (eds.) - Growth, Inequality, and Poverty
Prospects for Pro-Poor Economic Development (2004)
- Sutton & Kemp - The Paradox of Urban Space; Inequality and
Transformation in Marginalized Communities (2011)
- Voeten - Tunnel People (2010)
- Witte & Mannon - The Internet and Social Inequalities (2010)
Category: Document > PDF
Language: English
Total Size: 178.14 MB

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