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The Race for Whats Left The Global Scramble for the Worlds Last Resources Michael T Klare :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The Race for Whats Left The Global Scramble for the Worlds Last Resources Michael T Klare


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The Race for Whats Left: The Global Scramble for the Worlds Last
Resources - Michael T Klare (2012)
The world is facing an unprecedented crisis of resource depletion--a
crisis that goes beyond "peak oil" to
encompass shortages of coal and uranium, copper and lithium, water and
arable land. With all of the planets
easily accessible resource deposits rapidly approaching exhaustion,
the desperate hunt for supplies has become a
frenzy of extreme exploration, as governments and corporations rush to
stake their claim in areas previously
considered too dangerous and remote. The Race for Whats Left takes us
from the Arctic to war zones to deep
ocean floors, from a Russian submarine planting the countrys flag on
the North Pole seabed to the large-scale
buying up of African farmland by Saudi Arabia, China, and other
food-importing nations.
As Klare explains, this invasion of the final frontiers carries grave
consequences. With resource extraction
growing more complex, the environmental risks are becoming
increasingly severe; the Deepwater Horizon disaster
is only a preview of the dangers to come. At the same time, the
intense search for dwindling supplies is
igniting new border disputes, raising the likelihood of military
confrontation. Inevitably, if the scouring of
the globe continues on its present path, many key resources that
modern industry relies upon will disappear
completely. The only way out, Klare argues, is to alter our
consumption patterns altogether--a crucial task that
will be the greatest challenge of the coming century.
"In a sane world, wed take the limits we are clearly reaching as a
signal to reduce our fixation on growth and
begin searching for new ways to live. Instead, as Michael Klare makes
clear in this powerful book, the heads of
our corporate empires have decided to rip apart the planet in one last
burst of profiteering. If you want to
understand the next decade, I fear you better read this book."
--Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth
"If you think oil is the only major thing were running short of,
think again. Michael Klare has long been
farsighted about the many hazards of a resource-hungry world, and this
crisp, authoritative survey does more
than just show what the other dangers are. It also feels like a
guidebook to wars to come."
--Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopolds Ghost
"Michael Klare has written a gripping account of the worlds great
resource grab and its terrifying implications
for the planet. Fortunately, he doesnt stop there but offers the
world a way out through a `race to adapt. A
must read for anyone who wants to understand not only the challenge of
our diminishing resources but also what
we can do about it."
--Elizabeth C. Economy, author of The River Runs Black
"Michael Klare is like a beacon shining into the dark and scary
wilderness that our future has become. This is
an indispensable book for anyone who wants to understand what reality
requires of us in the years ahead."
--James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency
"If Michael Klare cared more about his wallet than about humanitys
welfare, he could have spent his career
earning gazillions as a global trends adviser for Wall Street. Luckily
for the rest of us, he chose people over profit.

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